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German - you can do it!

Dear Singers,

From things I'm hearing from various sources, primarily those who have neither sung in German nor performed the Brahms Requiem, it's time for a pep talk from the coach!

You can do this! Do you realize that last Tuesday was only the third rehearsal of ten (10)? Do you remember that at the end of the rehearsal we sang entirely through one of the two most difficult movements? OK, it was a struggle and we clearly need more work (!!), but for these first rehearsals a stumble-through is what we hope to manage after encountering each movement for the first time, I love the way you all recognized the cool, strong, slightly easier segments and dug down to turn on the power!

There will be 50-minute sectionals on Mvmt, III (October 9) and Mvmt, VI (Oct. 16), with more detailed work on the easier movements we've already seen.

NEXT TUESDAY, THE 25th, we'll see Mvmt. VI for the first time; it's the other one featuring Brett, our glorious in-house baritone soloist. On October 2 we'll complete the first leg of our journey by learning Mvmts. I & VII.

So: take a deep breath and have a look at the pronunciation of the 3rd movement. [Remember, when I write a single "d" when the word contains an "r" or two, just use a flipped d, as in "lay-d(schwa)". And I know that when I write "ch" you know I mean the cat thing. Only "Ach" has the air coming from further back, across the top of the throat.]

Movement III

Haid, lay-d(schwa) doch mich,

dahs eyn En-d(schwa) mit meer Hah-b(schwa)n muss [think "puss"].

oont mine Lay-b(schwa)n yen Tseal hot,

oont ich dah-fon [think baby deer} muss.

Zee-(shwa), my-n(schwa) Tah-g(schwa)

hint eye-n(schwa) Hahnt bright fod deee(d),

Oont mine Lay-b(schwa)n ihst vee nihchts for deee(d).

Ahch [back throat], ver gahd nichchts

zint al-l(schwa) Men-sh(schwa)n,

dee dahch zoh zee-ch(schwa) lay-b(schwa)n.

Noon Ha[like hat]d, ves zoll inch mihch tro[umlaut]-st(schwa)n?

Eech hof-f(schwa) owf deech.

Day(d) G(schwa)-rech-t(schwa)n Zay-l(schwa)n zihnt

ihn Gaw-t(schwa)s Hahnt oont kie-n(schwa) Kvahl

d[umlaut]-det zee ahn.


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