• Solveig Holmquist

Pronunciation for movements 1 and 3

Hello, you amazing singers,

I had to keep reminding myself that you were doing your very first run-throughs of Movements I and VII last Tuesday! Your attention to nuance and evident engagement with the text were unbelievable. It does help when the tempo is slow, doesn't it! That said, many of you had your eyes out of your scores and that made the gorgeous shaping possible.

Your diction was really pretty good, considering, and I'm tempted to say you don't need to have this final pronunciation guide, but here it comes, anyway:

Movement I

Zay-leech zint dee dah lite tdah-gen,

denn zee zol-len ge-tröstet veh-den.

De mitt Tdae-nen zay-en,vehh-den mitt Fdoy-den ehn-ten.

Zee gay-en hin oont vy-nen oont tdah- gen ay-dlen Zah-men,

oont koh-mmen mit Fdoy-den, oont bding-en eeh-de Gah-ben.

Movement VII

Zay-leech zint dee Toh-ten, dee in dame Heh-den shteh-ben, fonn noon ahn.

Yah, dare Gyst shpreecht,

dahss zee roo-en fonn eeh-re Ahd-bite,

dehnn eeh-de Vehd-ke foal-gen eeh-nen nach;

And there you have it! We've now made a good start on the entire work. Next Tuesday in sectionals we'll focus on the Third movement until 7:50, then come together to see how much we've progressed. I asked section leaders to also go row by row to check pronunciation on key words, especially those with umlauts: it's time for us to move closer to complete agreement on the vowel sounds in this intriguing language! I can tell that you're all trying really hard, but sometimes we don't hear where we're a bit off until we hear ourselves in a small group. Doing that should help to unify our sound. After the break we'll re-visit movements Four and Five.

Can't wait to see and hear you next Tuesday,


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