• Solveig Holmquist

I feel the drama beginning to take shape

We worked hard last Tuesday, friends, and there were some really good moments when we got back together after the sectionals. I feel the drama beginning to take shape! Our progress is in that middle stage when we're still a bit rough, but just about to break through.

We'll have sectionals again on the 16th, using the first hour to get some detail work done, particularly in the Sixth Movement. (Start at H; that's where the complexity begins.) If we all get right to work on the notes, we should be able to make real progress on that movement within the first 1/2 hour, then review the 1st, 2nd, and 7th movements until break.

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks for indulging me on the seating arrangement we've been trying. I got some completely unexpected insight from that move, and as a result we will now return to our accustomed arrangement, It turns out that the deep blocks work better for the tenors and basses than the long two rows with the T/B are strung out across the back! I'm pretty sure you can't hear each other very well, since the result sounded like a bunch of "soloists" trying to save the world! I suspect you'll find a welcome unity by returning to the familiar and more contained formation.

Obviously, I apologize to Bryan and all others who helped to plan the formation we've tried. Now I don't have to wonder if it would have resulted in a better sound. Actually, if the numbers were equal in each section, that might have been the case. They aren't, so it isn't.

I love the hard work we're doing together, and Brahms is so worth it!

See you on the 16th, and please take care of your health.


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