• Solveig Holmquist

The most focused, hard-working rehearsal we've had.

Hi singers,

If we all stumbled out of rehearsal last Tuesday like zombies, it certainly had nothing to do with Halloween! Every one of us was totally exhausted. That was undoubtedly the most focused, hardworking rehearsal we've had this term.

But do you know what? All that drilling and going back over things to get the effects just right will pay off in spades! When we sing the work with the orchestra next Tuesday it's going to feel like a walk in the park, by comparison. With all that repetition you know the piece far more deeply now and should be able to be in eye contact with me much more. Well, there's the material in the Sixth movement from letter I (page 76) to letter M (page 81) that really deserved more attention than it got. If you have keyboard skills, work on your part there -- or get together with others to make it more secure, if you can. On Tuesday I'll have very high expectations of everything else except those pages.

You will so love the orchestration. It's amazingly rich, achingly sweet in some places and overwhelmingly powerful in others. Please remember what I said last Tuesday, that this upcoming rehearsal is primarily for the orchestra. You'll often feel overwhelmed by their volume because there are a lot of brass, but that imbalance will be corrected by the hanging microphones at the Elsinore. Just really keep your focus and do your very best; that includes being in place well before 7:00, moving around the edges of the orchestra and never coming through their space. Those instruments are very expensive.

I will do my very best to get the necessary work done efficiently. We all want to get home to watch the election returns. (And if you haven't yet sent in your ballots, don't forget to do that!)

I'm already sad at the prospect of being finished with this gorgeous music! Let's make the most of these last rehearsals, and of course, sell tickets.

Take care,


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