• Solveig Holmquist

Into the home stretch!

Hello, intrepid friends,

Well, here we go, into the home stretch! It'll be fun to hit the needy places next Tuesday, in the knowledge that a lot of what we rehearsed with the orchestra was pretty good. In fact, once I reigned in my excitement and backed away from my exuberant tempos (you know the ones), you and the orchestra were solidly together. You should know that the players were as grateful as you were!

One thing we'll be working for next Tuesday is a greater faithfulness to the German diction. Please review that carefully, pronouncing words aloud to see if you're getting all the crazy substitutions you know and love: I heard a lot of hissing s's that should have sounded like zzz's, for example, and in general we'll need to have all consonants brought forward and just pronounced a lot more distinctly. Vowels agreed pretty well on Tuesday, but the umlauts did not!

We'll make sure all the tricky transitions are repeated several times, so that you can see what I've got in mind and I can hear you, particularly in that mystical key change when each section seems to rise up out of the mist, [Page turn from p. 37-38.]

Sopranos, you grew in maturity as the evening [progressed, but rather lightly and youthfully. Yes, we were all adjusting to a new sound, but we'll be doing that again at the dress rehearsal, so just go for your usual warm, full tone right away. Altos, same thing: I know that some of you were singing your hearts out, but the general sound was quite thin and uncertain. Remember when I insisted that you sing with rich, chocolate tone and you were amazing? Do that again. You've got the best entrances, so don't waste them by being weedy. Tenors, your blend was lovely, and you can always come out more. Basses, well done, but there are a couple of individual voices protruding. Please watch that. Your neighbor needs to be able to hear!

Ann and Doris both sent lists of specific things they noted, and which we'll hit next Tuesday. Mark them now, please.

Sopranos, from Ann:

p.30, meas. 50 --- must be D natural

p.31, meas. 64 --- watch me for cutoff. Don't sssss!

p.39, meas.181 -- it's C#

p.41, meas. 190 -- Lead and descending notes not accurate

p.82, meas. 321-326 Note the difference between the B natural and the Bb

SATB: We'll solidify the quarter notes, line up with the orchestra's triplets

Altos, from Doris:

p. 21, meas. 238 -- we'll identify and rehearse that pitch

All of Movement VI!!

(I know there's more, but Doris was busy singing, while Ann was free to spy and eavesdrop!)

Tenors and Basses: Rebekah was sick at home so there's no report. I will be sure to find things to work on, never fear.

The concert is going to be so beautiful. Please get and/or stay healthy, and let's have fun woodshedding next Tuesday.


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