• Solveig Holmquist

We've worked hard. Now it's GO TIME.

Hi Singers,

We've all worked really hard, especially last Tuesday night, and there's very little turnaround time between Friday, when this message will reach you, and Saturday's dress rehearsal, so all I'm going to say is "Get some rest, drink plenty of water, and remember every single thing I've told you."

Other than that, I'm forwarding a notice about a new concert series at Chemeketa that Kerry Burtis asked me to publicize. Their first concert is Saturday night, a really fine a cappella ensemble, so if you're bored and would just be pacing around waiting for the next day's concert, you might as well take in a really fine group.

Dear Friends,

The Chemeketa Community College Music Program is proud to announce its First Annual "Acclaimed Artist Series." The purpose of this series is to bring internationally known chamber ensembles to the Salem area and present them on the Chemeketa campus for our community to enjoy. Here is a link to the series with information about the various groups and how to buy tickets or subscribe (my recommendation is to get a subscription, since then you're guaranteed a seat AND you get early seating!).


And a subscription would make an AWESOME gift for that someone special! :-)

Hope you can join us--our first concert is Saturday, November 17th!


Dr. Kerry Burtis

Director of Music

Chemeketa Community College

See you all on Saturday,


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