• Solveig Holmquist

Hardworking and inspiring first rehearsal

Hi Singers,

Welcome to the new term and thank you for a hardworking and inspiring first rehearsal. I always feel it's best to set my expectations rather low before starting on a new work, because of course I can't gauge the group's learning ability ahead of time.

You can blame yourselves, then, for digging in so eagerly and making such a promising start. It's your fault that we jumped into the text almost right way (I had planned to wait) and had some quite credible moments on those three movements. There's a lot of music to be learned, and I think we'll make fine progress.

Sometimes I assign homework, and this week it's particularly important: Please carefully and clearly mark the correct pronunciation above the words that are new to you because they're in Austro-German Latin. I always recommend a red pencil or pen so that you can clearly read it as you fly by! The teacher in me knows that writing something is a way of learning it, so if you do it now, you'll be more comfortable and soon won't find the changes daunting.

Next week we'll begin in the two different choirs we were assigning last Tuesday, so if you are Choir II, you'll climb the stairs to the Youth Room where I'll help you tackle both Hosannas. Katrina Koch will lead Choir I on the same choruses in the gymnasium. The Hosannas are found on p.113 and 131.

That's the other kind of marking you MUST accomplish before next Tuesday: Find your line on every page and draw an arrow pointing to that line. Sorry to be simplistic, but you can see how confusing those pages are! If you're someone who likes highlighting, do that. Please don't wait until we start rehearsal. That will really cost us a bunch of waiting time.

After the break we'll review the movements we began last week: Kyrie, Gloria, and Dona nobis pacem.

Have a great weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


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