• Solveig Holmquist

Love your can-do spirit

Hi everyone,

One of the traits I find most appealing in FCO singers is our can-do spirit, our willingness to try new plans and roll with change. All of that was on fine display last Tuesday night, when what could have been total chaos was certainly not. Separate rooms were set up and singers directed to them in preparation for the first of our five double-choir rehearsals. Within minutes we were hard at work, singing. I have to say (because I was there) that fact was most impressive regarding Choir II, where we crammed into a long narrow room and made it work; where David was thankfully able to help us from a reduced keyboard; and where by the hour we'd become pretty familiar with the two Hosanna choruses.

We're not ready for prime time yet, but we know where the problems lie. For those of you with keyboards, any work you can do on meas. 24-46, pp.114-118, will serve us well next week. We'll be really concentrating on those parts. From what I heard through the wall, Choir I is already well prepared! Katrina did a fabulous job, as I knew she would.

We'll begin in separate rooms again next Tuesday, the 5th, and following the break we'll try the two choirs together for the first time! Yikes! we'll also look at the very short portion of the Agnus Dei that the choir is involved in, beginning on p. 136. You'll see that it connects directly into the Dona nobis pacem, which we've now spent time on during our first two rehearsals.

I've laid out a master plan for the entire term, and it calls for us to be together on the Hosannas on February 19, too. But that's a provisional plan: if it turns out that we need more time on our own, we'll do that on the 19th.

I love how we're sounding on the other choruses we've worked on! You're really responsive, and it's easy to hear your excitement when you hear yourselves sounding good! Mozart is an enormously satisfying composer to perform.

Have a good weekend (either cheering for your team at the Super Bowl or avoiding the whole thing), take care of yourselves, and I'll see you next week.




Performance Dresses

All singers must have the required attire to perform at the concert. If you need a performance dress, it must be ordered no later than the week of February 12. Emily Flanagan will have sample dresses to try on at the next two rehearsals starting at 6:00 pm. Be sure to get your order in on time or you may not be able to perform.

Program Ads

Get involved by selling ads in our concert programs! Programs cost more than $1,000 per concert to design and print, and ad revenue is needed to cover that cost. Please contact businesses you know that might support community arts, like your dentist or financial planner and others you have a relationship with. Carol Chancellor will have ad forms at rehearsal starting next week.

2020 Northern Italy Tour

We are still auditioning for our next tour, which will take us across northern Italy, with stops in Tuscany, Lake Garda, and Venice. Check out the tour flyer for more information about the proposed itinerary. If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer at wozniak@teleport.com or by phone at 503-585-5404 for an audition time.

Jon Holmquist's 80th Birthday Party

Solveig's husband Jon is turning 80 next month and all choir members are invited to attend his birthday party on February 17 at the Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum within the Powerland at Heritage Park, 23995 Brooklake Rd., Brooks, OR, right off I-5 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Drop in any time and join the celebration. RSVP to holmqus@wou.edu by February 10.

Art Gregg's 100th Birthday Party

Art Gregg, the father of our wonderful accompanist Ann Snelling, is turning 100 on February 16, 2019, and all choir members are invited to attend his open house celebration on the 16th at the Silverton Senior Center, 115 Westfield, Silverton, OR from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Come any time to offer congratulations and enjoy cake.

"Once A Dream"

Long-time member Vito Pileggi has written a book about his travels with FCO and on his own. Vito organized several FCO tours and helped forge the friendship between FCO and MGV 1880-86 Hahnheim. You can order "Once A Dream" from Amazon for $45 or save money and pick up a copy at rehearsal from Hale Thornburgh for just $30. You can reach Hale at 503-581-0274 or rohaleth@gmail.com.

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