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Exciting to finally combine the two choirs

As I write this, Valentine's Day festivities are drawing to a close. Funny how we feel we must really overindulge in chocolate on this day -- or is that just me?

If you subscribe to the Statesman, you must have marveled that today's front page carried two features that involved members of our FCO family! There was a wonderful, long article about Ann Snelling's father Art Gregg's upcoming 100th birthday, including a picture of the two of them as she showed him the book she has compiled. Turns out he's one of the oldest WW II veterans in the state, with an amazing life story that included heroic missions as a pilot. If you missed that story, I recommend checking it out online. It was impressively written; no wonder Ann is bursting with pride! There will be several military and political dignitaries in attendance at Art's birthday celebration at the Silverton Community Center on Saturday afternoon, paying their respects to this quiet and humble man.

The shorter article but bigger picture on the front page showed Bruce Stock buying a Valentine bouquet with heart-shaped balloon at a local florist -- for his wife Carolyn, who is a long-time soprano in FCO! There's more to it than that, though: within the first few years of FCO's 40-year history, Carolyn asked us to sing for their wedding! It was only the second wedding we provided music for, and we were honored and a bit nervous to be playing such a featured role. But look what happened! All these years later, here is Bruce with a gigantic smile on his face, buying a romantic bouquet for his wife! Bear that in mind, all of you who may be planning a wedding: turns out FCO's music can help to seal the deal for a solid marriage!

We really did a good job of managing two rehearsals in one evening last Tuesday, as we crammed a lot of productive work to make up for that missed rehearsal the week before. It was exciting to finally combine the two choirs on the Hosanna choruses and to recognize the hard work that went into learning all those parts. It'll be fun from now on, and the thrill of it will just keep building.

We finished last week's rehearsal with a read-through of the Cum Sancto, so you can expect more time to be spent on that chorus on the 19th, plus our first reading of the Credo and Et vitam venturi. I'll try to build in time for more combined experience with the Hosannas, too.

I'd love it if you could stop by my husband Jon's 80th birthday celebration this Sunday afternoon, too. Remember, it'll be held at the Antique Powerland at Brooks, in the NW Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum, from 2:00 - 5:00.

Take care, and stay healthy,




Program Ads

Get involved by selling ads in our concert programs! Programs cost more than $1,000 per concert to design and print, and ad revenue is needed to cover that cost. Please contact businesses you know that might support community arts, like your dentist or financial planner and others you have a relationship with. Carol Chancellor will have ad forms at rehearsal.

2020 Northern Italy Tour

We are still auditioning for our next tour, which will take us across northern Italy, with stops in Tuscany, Lake Garda, and Venice. Check out the tour flyer for more information about the proposed itinerary. If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer at wozniak@teleport.com or by phone at 503-585-5404 for an audition time.

"Once A Dream"

Long-time member Vito Pileggi has written a book about his travels with FCO and on his own. Vito organized several FCO tours and helped forge the friendship between FCO and MGV 1880-86 Hahnheim. You can order "Once A Dream" from Amazon for $45 or save money and pick up a copy at rehearsal from Hale Thornburgh for just $30. You can reach Hale at 503-581-0274 or rohaleth@gmail.com.

Room Setup and Tear Down

Tenors are On Deck

Setting Up:.

  1. Please arrive at 6:30pm. Bryan will coordinate set up.

  2. Set up the director's platform and music stand in the corner of the gym by the back door.

  3. Move the piano from the sanctuary to the gym.

  4. Bryan will provide a set-up diagram for chairs.

Tearing Down:

***All singers are responsible for placing their own chair on the racks.***

  1. Place the chair racks back in the gym closet.

  2. Place the director's platform and music stand back in the gym closet.

  3. Move the piano back to the sanctuary

  4. Place the baptismal font and candle back to the center of the sanctuary aisle.


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Mar 4 - Sopranos Apr 2 Sopranos Apr 30 Sopranos

Mar 11 - Altos Apr 9 Altos May 7 Altos

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