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Solid rehearsal had me breathing sigh of relief

Hello Singers,

Well, we turned an early corner last Tuesday, in the right direction! It seems we've been living with Mozart's most mature musical language long enough now that we were able tackle his most complex movement with determination and confidence! I couldn't have foreseen that, really, especially in sight of the missed rehearsal on the 5th. While we're not exactly caught up, having such a solid rehearsal on "Et vitam" had me breathing a sigh of grateful relief. Bravo to us all!

You can do some useful review for yourself by setting aside 20-30 minutes to look carefully at the movements we focused on, since we won't get back to them for a bit. I wish I didn't have to keep repeating this advice, but writing in the actual sound you're to produce, EVERY time it comes up, will remind you to do it. You've got a lot of things to consider simultaneously, so do yourself (and me) that favor. Besides, the physical act of writing reinforces the lesson! I'm thinking of how many times I heard a hissing "s" instead of the "z" we need in words like Sanctus and saecula. We call the "z" sound a voiced consonant, in that it can have pitch; the "s" never can.

Altos, your ever-vigilant section leader caught me after rehearsal and asked me to point out two notes in the Credo that need your special attention because they both occur at a page turn.

On p. 63, be aware that your sustained Bb in m. 29 turns into B natural

right on the downbeat of m. 30 -- at the page turn! Accent that change.

A similar thing happens as you go from m. 41 to m. 42: that repeated

G natural suddenly becomes a G# at the top of the next page, right

on the downbeat. Accent that changed note, too.

All singers, your personal review should include the Cum Sancto, Credo (speaking that text slowly in rhythm several times will really pay off), and Et vitam. To achieve clarity, use staccato neutral syllables on all the runs. If you're not able to play your part on a keyboard, speaking all the rhythm helps your progress a lot.

Next week you'll be in the hands of your section leaders as you encounter four choruses for the first time: Crucifixus, Et resurrexit, Et unam sanctam, and Agnus Dei. Section leaders, I added that last one because it was to have been introduced on Feb. 5. Singers, give your undivided attention, please! There's a lot to be accomplished, but you're on a roll now, so keep up that good work. The accompanists for the sectionals are:

Sopranos Katrina Koch

Altos Ann Snelling

Tenors Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer

Basses David Rutherford

I'll be in Kansas City MO from Tuesday - Sunday, attending the National Conference of the American Choral Directors Association along with at least 5000 colleagues. At these conferences I gain further education, inspiration, and literature ideas, and we are literally scheduled from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm, when the parties begin.

Wish me luck, stay healthy, and I'll see you again on Shrove Tuesday (March 5), when we'll enjoy pancakes before rehearsal and then we go nonstop through the entire work.




March 5th Pancake Feed 5:00 - 6:30 pm (Before Rehearsal)

Happy Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday from Holy Cross Lutheran Church! Come enjoy pancakes and breakfast items made by the Faithful Lutheran Youth (FLY) Youth group on March 5th from 5:00 - 6:30 pm. All funds from this event will support FLY's summer's mission trip to stay at Camp Lutherwood and work on service projects.

Volunteers are also welcome to come early and help prepare food in the kitchen or help with cleanup after the feed. Thank you for supporting the Faithful Lutheran Youth!

A Note From Ann Snelling

My thanks to all who contributed to my Dad's 100th birthday celebration, some with cards and others by being present at the party. Your gracious response was heart-warming. At the Gregg/Snelling household we are still eating birthday cake, reading birthday cards and/or notes, and nibbling on chocolate candy. The latter will be going on for a l-o-o-o-n-g time! It was a marvelous birthday celebration, made even better by your participation. Thank you. Thank you!

My dad's book, Farm Boy to Fly Boy, is published and available. It is his memoirs as a WWII fighter pilot in the India-Burma-China theater. He flew 69 missions and received the Distinguished Flying Cross. I'll bring some copies to rehearsal next week. Birthday special is $10 each.


Winter Roster Now Available

You can now download a roster of choir member contacts for this term which can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please use this information for choir business only such as arranging ride shares or contacting your section leaders.

Program Ads

Get involved by selling ads in our concert programs! Programs cost more than $1,000 per concert to design and print, and ad revenue is needed to cover that cost. Please contact businesses you know that might support community arts, like your dentist or financial planner and others you have a relationship with. Carol Chancellor will have ad forms at rehearsal, or you can download one here.

2020 Northern Italy Tour

We are still auditioning for our next tour, which will take us across northern Italy, with stops in Tuscany, Lake Garda, and Venice. Check out the tour flyer for more information about the proposed itinerary. If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer at wozniak@teleport.com or by phone at 503-585-5404 for an audition time.

"Once A Dream"

Long-time member Vito Pileggi has written a book about his travels with FCO and on his own. Vito organized several FCO tours and helped forge the friendship between FCO and MGV 1880-86 Hahnheim. You can order "Once A Dream" from Amazon for $45 or save money and pick up a copy at rehearsal from Hale Thornburgh for just $30. You can reach Hale at 503-581-0274 or rohaleth@gmail.com.

Room Setup and Tear Down

Basses are On Deck

Setting Up:.

  1. Please arrive at 6:30 pm as we need to help tear down the Pancake feed tables and set up rooms for sectionals.

  2. Bryan will coordinate set up.

  3. Move the piano from the sanctuary to the gym.

Tearing Down:

***All singers are responsible for placing their own chair on the racks.***

  1. Place the chair racks back in the gym closet.

  2. Place the director's platform and music stand back in the gym closet.

  3. Move the piano back to the sanctuary

  4. Place the baptismal font and candle back to the center of the sanctuary aisle.


Feb 19 - Tenors Mar 18 - Tenors Apr 16 Tenors May 14 Tenors

Feb 26 - Basses Mar 25 Basses Apr 23 Basses

Mar 4 - Sopranos Apr 2 Sopranos Apr 30 Sopranos

Mar 11 - Altos Apr 9 Altos May 7 Altos

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