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More time on double choir needed, then on to Queen!

Greetings Singers,

Before I tell you what's in store for next Tuesday, I need to make an appeal that I forgot to bring to you last Tuesday:

I've been contacted by Jennifer Kercher, a former student, who is now the Choir Director at North Salem High. She's very excited that five of her students qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble Contest, at the recent District Contest. Competition within our district is really tough, as you can well imagine.

The only downside to this student accomplishment is that two of her students come from families that cannot afford the $50.00 entry fee. Jenn has turned to me, asking if perhaps members of FCO could chip in to make it possible for these kids to go to State. I have told her that I think that among us all we could come up with the necessary $100.

If you're someone who can help, would you please email me at holmqus@wou.edu, telling me how much you can contribute? You can bring it to next Tuesday's rehearsal and I'll take it to North. I'll be really happy if we can do this! Can you imagine performing well enough to qualify, but then having to miss State? Many students who go to State are offered college scholarships; in challenged households, that's huge. Thank you in advance.

Now over to next Tuesday. I'd like to start with a second, shorter separated double choir rehearsal on "Qui Sedes" -- we all did pretty well last week, but that chorus could do with another study time to settle all of those chromatic passages. THAT MEANS SETTING UP THE UPSTAIRS ROOM. Following that, we put the chorus together again in context with the other movements, a bit more solidly.

I also want to begin working choruses in order. We've had our initial introduction to the whole work, so now we need to understand how the mass proceeds as a whole, with special attention to the specific text and resulting character of each chorus. We'll do as much of that as we can, before turning to our first overview of the Queen Symphony at 9:00. Wow! A busy night, for sure.

Here's the schedule:

7:00 Qui tollis, separated

7:40 Move together downstairs

7:45 Movements 1, 2, 4, 6, 8

8:45 Break

9:00 The Queen Symphony!

It's going to be an exciting night. Get some sleep and eat kale.




Program Ads

Get involved by selling ads in our concert programs! Programs cost more than $1,000 per concert to design and print, and ad revenue is needed to cover that cost. Please contact businesses you know that might support community arts, like your dentist or financial planner and others you have a relationship with. Carol Chancellor will have ad forms at rehearsal.

2020 Northern Italy Tour

We are still auditioning for our next tour, which will take us across northern Italy, with stops in Tuscany, Lake Garda, and Venice. Check out the tour flyer for more information about the proposed itinerary. If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer at wozniak@teleport.com or by phone at 503-585-5404 for an audition time.

"Once A Dream"

Long-time member Vito Pileggi has written a book about his travels with FCO and on his own. Vito organized several FCO tours and helped forge the friendship between FCO and MGV 1880-86 Hahnheim. You can order "Once A Dream" from Amazon for $45 or save money and pick up a copy at rehearsal from Hale Thornburgh for just $30. You can reach Hale at 503-581-0274 or rohaleth@gmail.com.

A Note From Ann Snelling

My dad's book, Farm Boy to Fly Boy, is published and available. It is his memoirs as a WWII fighter pilot in the India-Burma-China theater. He flew 69 missions and received the Distinguished Flying Cross. I'll bring some copies to rehearsal next week. Birthday special is $10 each.


Room Setup and Tear Down

Altos are On Deck

Setting Up:.

  1. Please arrive at 6:30 pm as we need to set up rooms for sectionals as well as much of the seating for the combined choir as possible.

  2. Bryan will coordinate set up.

  3. Move the piano from the sanctuary to the gym.

  4. The combined choir seating chart is shown below.

Tearing Down:

***All singers are responsible for placing their own chair on the racks.***

  1. Place the chair racks back in the gym closet.

  2. Place the director's platform and music stand back in the gym closet.

  3. Move the piano back to the sanctuary

  4. Place the baptismal font and candle back to the center of the sanctuary aisle.


Feb 19 - Tenors Mar 19 - Tenors Apr 16 Tenors May 14 Tenors

Feb 26 - Basses Mar 26 Basses Apr 23 Basses

Mar 5 - Sopranos Apr 2 Sopranos Apr 30 Sopranos

Mar 12 - Altos Apr 9 Altos May 7 Altos

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