• Solveig Holmquist

Sit and Stand Cues

Hi everyone,

This column is entirely dedicated to listing your standing and sitting instructions. Pencils ready? Let's begin!

At the beginning of the concert, Bryan greets the audience and gives a few instructions. After he comes offstage, I enter with the soloists. As we come onstage, our Concertmaster Caius stands, and that's your signal to stand, along with the orchestra. They will then sit down, but you remain standing for that brilliant opening chorus of Cantata I for Christmas Day. (Don't forget to turn back to the beginning of that chorus to repeat until the fermata at bar 137.)

SIT at my signal at the full conclusion of Chorus #1, page 12, bar 137.

STAND at bar 73, as the alto concludes her repeat.

SIT on my cue at the conclusion of your chorale, p. 26

STAND on the downbeat of bar 67, as the bass concludes his repeat.

SIT on my cue following the conclusion of #9, p.37. (There will be applause.)

[Small break as some players exit the stage. Do not talk. You may cough.)

Cantata II opens with a sinfornia. Sit quietly and enjoy.

STAND on my cue before #11, the tenor recitative.

SIT on my cue at the conclusion of #12.

STAND on my cue before #16, another tenor recitative.

SIT following #17, on my cue.

STAND on the downbeat of bar 97 of #19, the second time around.

SIT on cue at the conclusion of #23, the chorale which concludes Cantata II.

Second small break, as trumpets take their places. Don't talk!]

STAND on my cue to open Cantata III with #24

SIT at the conclusion of #28

STAND on my cue before #32, remain standing through #35, then turn back to sing #24, which ends Cantata III. I'll again seat you after applause.

[short break while trumpets leave and horns take their places.]

STAND at my cue for #36

SIT on my cue at the conclusion of #36

STAND on my cue to perform #42, which ends the concert! Accept the audience's gratitude.

I would advise coughing and/or blowing your noses during the breaks, whether you need to or not! During the cantatas, your hands are not to go to your faces, hair, ears, etc., in fact not above your shoulders. Do not cross your legs. Become statues. Unless you're Charlie, you'll need to practice this!

See you next Tuesday for detail work on Cantatas III and IV, rewarded by a short performance of Christmas carols.

In anticipation,

Your fearless leader

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