• Solveig Holmquist

Crucial to mark pronunciation right away

Here we go, singers!

Before I say anything else, let me thank Katrina profusely for occupying the hot seat on Tuesday, sight reading the whole score. Our other choice was having me at the piano, trying to guide you and provide accompaniment at the same time! That would have been awful for all of us. But Katrina graciously agreed to come and help out, though she won't even be singing this term because of a conflict with our performance date. In the flurry of getting chairs onto the racks on Tuesday I totally let the opportunity of thanking her slip by. I sure appreciated her help!

I know that we all hold Ann in our thoughts just now, with the loss of her dad. His obituary was in today's (Thursday's) paper, and we are reminded again of what outstanding person Art Gregg was.

As for the plan for next week, we'll be working on the first two movements. The second one contains a lot of text, so I urge you all to take the time now to download the Austrian-German Latin pronunciation guide, which you'll find on a link in the Singers's portion of the website.

It really is crucial that you all do that right away, taking the time to mark your music with the changes to the texts of assigned movements. I can't think of a more thoughtful gift any of you could give to the group than to take that personal responsibility! If you're already familiar with the correct diction as we begin to rehearse, I shouldn't have to remind you, and we will have saved valuable time.

That's a big assignment, I know, but it musn't wait. However, if you find that work goes quickly, you can also circle or mark in red all the dynamic markings. There are lots of them, and we might as well acquire the dynamics right along with the notes and rhythms!

You already know that the work is really beautiful, and I'm looking forward to our work together.

See you next Tuesday,


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