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Digging into the fugue at the end of the Credo

Hi everyone,

First, two occasions for celebration: number one, DORIS IS BACK! We're so glad to see her healthy, smiling face. Great thanks and kudos to Emily Flanagan for keeping track of and riding herd on the altos in Doris's absence. She even mastered the steely gaze that Doris levels at the back-row altos!

Secondly, what a fitting raffle winner! Rebekah puts in countless hours as both the caroling coordinator and the tour manager (the latter with very little compensation), and she certainly deserves the free trip she'll be taking to either London or Paris. Thank you so much, all who bought and sold tickets. It was a worthwhile fundraiser.

I continue to be amazed at how fast you're progressing on this music! That was a pretty intense rehearsal, but you took it in stride, and on the complete run through I could feel how at home you already are with Schubert's musical language. Well, it's irresistible, isn't it?

We'll have another split rehearsal next Tuesday, digging into the "et vitam venturi saeculi" section, which is the fugue at the end of the Credo. It encompasses pages 56 - 66. Don't miss this rehearsal! It'll be hard to keep up on this portion if you missed the introductory work.

Actually, there will be a dual goal in the first portion of the rehearsal. It's time I assigned the seating arrangement that we will have from now on, and since the two largest sections will be on their own in the gym I'll jump right in and do that at the start of the evening. Once the chairs have been placed, sopranos and altos, please arrange yourselves by height in opposite sides of the room, under the expert guidance of your section leaders. Form two lines in each section, one for firsts and the other for seconds. I hope to make this work quickly, but I know we've got to form those two sections within each, so if you could be as quiet as possible it will be accomplished more smoothly. All I want to do this time is to get you into your rows, though. I'll be hearing and placing you the next week. Stay tuned for directions for how that will go.

Tenors and basses, let's plan for you to stay in your room until break, at 8:15.

It would be great if you could not only introduce that fugue but also slowly review the Crucifixus, especially the divis parts. I'd like your group to be divided into three equal parts, which will mean some baritones singing 2nd tenor. Don't worry: the 2nd tenor is low even for tenors! We need you there. Please get those assignments accomplished in your room so that seating can go quickly at the end of break. It won't take long for Rebekah to arranger her troops, which will provide more time for Phil to push people around. Good thing he's such a nice guy.

It just might be that we'll have to extend Tuesday's work beyond 9:00, to be sure we've got people properly assigned. Getting this tedious necessity done early will pay off, so please be patient!

It's cold these days, so please keep yourselves healthy, and let's be grateful that the church's heating system has been repaired!

See you soon,


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