• Solveig Holmquist

Need to add 1/2 hour to rehearsals

Hello, Singers, You may not like me after reading this week's column! But I have our best interests at heart --- or perhaps our reputation. I hope you'll agree with my reasoning: In counting the remaining Tuesdays before the concert, it turns out that after the next two rehearsals, which I have anticipated to be needed to cover the final two movements of the mass, there will be only THREE rehearsals before the Tutti on April 7! Though you're doing a great job so far on our initial work on the various movements, we need lots more time on them in order to feel secure and eager to perform. There are two options: go back to holding our rehearsals until 9:30, or add the March 25 rehearsal back in. (We've planned to take that night off, since so many people travel during Spring Break.) I have made the executive decision to add that 1/2 hour back into our rehearsals. I admit to feeling rather rushed each week, with the loss of that 1/2 hour, even though shortening our rehearsals was my idea in the first place. I believe that the longer time will enable us to dig into the Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Benedictus, and Dona Nobis next Tuesday. Those are short movements and involve alternation with the soloists, so there won't be any more relentless fugues! Altos, that still does mean staying an extra 15 minutes, to get the seat assignment done. Thank you for understanding, even though you're disappointed. I wish that our little experiment would have worked. We sure don't want to have to throw on an emergency rehearsal later in our season. Please don't forget to come early if you can next week, to enjoy the pancake supper that's a fundraiser for the church youth group. As Bryan said, helpers can come as early as 4:00, and food will be served from 5:30 - 6:30. THEN WE SET UP! With love and apologies, Solveig

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