• Solveig Holmquist

We've now come to the rewarding part of our preparation

Hi Everybody,

We had an amazing rehearsal last Tuesday, achieving a sense of security on all of the movements we worked on, except one. Good work! We made some beautiful music.

I'm responsible for the one we didn't lock in on: We'll clear up the timing confusion on the Sanctus next Tuesday. The harmonies sounded glorious, and your dynamic range and control were impressive. But my brain left for a while. Here's how to examine the timing in this short movement: Please check the way the text proceeds at letter A, speak the words to yourself, and you'll see that the eighth note is the controlling inner pulse for all the material of the Sanctus. I'll be conducting in a divided 4 throughout, which will make bars 1, 3, and 5 REALLY long! That will make all of those Star Trek effects even more dramatic. Schubert treats the same notes in a shortened way in bars 13, 14, and 15, but the number of eighth notes in the measure stays the same.

The fact is, by rehearsal time I'd been on my feet since 1:00 in the afternoon: I was teaching until 3:00, then came to the church to help with the pancake dinner until 6:30, then began our rehearsal at 7:00. And I actually had fun with all of it, until I didn't! When we got to the Sanctus, for some reason my brain took a break I hadn't authorized, and simply refused to make sense of the time values. We'll fix that next Tuesday.

We've now come to the rewarding part of our preparation, when we polish every movement and really get to make music. The mass already sounds good, but pretty soon it'll be marvelous, as Schubert's genius is revealed. Next Tuesday we'll polish the Kyrie and Gloria, saving time for that promised re-visit to the Sanctus.

Thanks for your patience, and let's all get some rest (!!), being very careful to maintain good hygiene in the face of the huge health challenge the world is experiencing.


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