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Festival Chorale Oregon in concert

Creating Community through Song since 1979

Festival Chorale Oregon is a community choir of non-auditioned singers performing choral masterworks. Under the direction of our founding artistic director, Dr. Solveig Holmquist, the chorale regularly performs with a full orchestra and features both emerging and well-known vocal soloists from across the Northwest.

Established in 1979 with just eight singers, more than 1,200 community members have sung with us since our inception. Today, the chorale is an ensemble of approximately 70 voices.

Since our first performance at the Stayton Fine Arts Festival, the chorale has performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center and at Carnegie Hall five times, has toured Europe seven times, and has hosted nine international choirs from across Europe.

The chorale regularly collaborates with other local arts organizations such as music, dance, and theater groups. Past collaborations include performances with the Eugene Symphony, the Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir, the Salem Keizer School District, Salem Symphonic Winds, the Tirolean Dancers of Portland, Western Oregon University, and Willamette Master Chorus.

The chorale is an inclusive ensemble welcoming all capable singers—no audition required. Learn more about joining us.



Cynthia Allen
Anita Blanchard
Nancy Calavan
Jessica Coons
Phyllis Daniel
Heather Dixon
Lynda Floor
Caitlin Fortune

Judy Howard

Teri Howard
Deanna Iltis
Kira Kinney
Katrina Koch
Karen  Kumley 
Kirstin Mueller
Ann Papworth
Nicole Peldyak
Tracy Ragland
Cheryl Randall
Desiree Rinza
Fernanda Rinza

Heather Simpson-Howell

Teresa Stewart
Carolyn Stock
Laura Trammell
Karen Viste-Sparkman
Dana Wolf


Linda Aso
Sally Beck
Sharlee Blackwell
Kara Blocker
Susan Carter
Carol Chancellor
Doris Clark
Jennifer Eaton 
Peggy Erland
Emily Flanagan
Tami Gillette
Bonnie Hiller Fullerton
Mary Lou Janeba
Judi Janzen

Sharon Kulick

Robin LaMonte

Lee Machado

Lisa Marcus

Erin McGrath

Trudy McKinnell

Ann Moore

Rebecca Payne

Janet Rafalovich

Donna  Rue

Gwenyn Sasaki

Marilyn Scott

Marlinda Stearns
Jennifer Ungarwulff
Shelley Uselman
Sue Werth

Sharon Young


Cas Barruga
Keith Blocker
Bryan González

Paul Hutter

Mark Janeba

Douglas Lownsbery

Georg Mueller

Tom Sicilia

Christopher Simpson

William Velez

Karl Wozniak

Rebekah Wozniak-Gelzer


Matthew Alston
Phil Davis
Thomas Ellis
Andrew Erland
Dan Hill
Sam Kinney
Alan Lytle
Joel Nickel
Stuart Sparkman
Dale Stapleton 
Hale Thornburgh

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